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Apartments Herceg Novi owned by Poznanovic family are situated in Herceg Novi, at the attractive location, exactly halfway between the center Igalo and center Herceg Novi in the Njegoseva street, 100 meters from the sea. Nearby are shops and restaurants. Tennis courts, promenades and beaches give you enormous possibilities for recreation.


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double-bed studio

3-bed studio

4-bed two room

4-bed two room

We will welcome you as guests, and accompany as friends


The beaches are 150m away, about 3-4min. walk from our apartments

Old Town

The old town is 800m away, about 10min. walk from our apartments

The market

The market is 50m away from our apartments


The restaurant is 50m away from our apartments

Irresistible panorama view from the apartments terraces leaves the strong impression to our guests and you are enabled to enjoy unforgettable evening sunsets and morning sunrise. You can easily let yourself enjoy the grace of the sun, the sea and the area. If you want to see all the colours and feel incredible smell of lavender, rosemary or pine, it is enough to just step out to your apartment terrace, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

In a moment you will realise you’re at the right place and that your holiday begins with each breath you take. Incredible smell of lavender and rosemary, clear sea with its magic sea-life, exceptionally light and healthy climate will remain in your memory forever. Once again, we remind you that the Apartments Poznanovic are located next to the sea, from where you have the marvellous view to the open sea.


The ambulance is 100m away from our apartments

The post

The post office is 500m away from our apartments

Bus Station

The bus station is 800m away from our apartments


Airport Tivat 24km

Airport Dubrovnik 27km

Herceg Novi landmarks are one of the most beautiful sights in Montenegro, and among them are fortresses, churches, caves.
Herceg Novi Beaches – Herceg Novi Riviera today stretches for 25 km and includes 7 settlements.
Herceg Novi events are held throughout the year. Most famous Herceg Novi Events are Mimosa Festival, Suncane skale etc.