Herceg Novi Events

Herceg Novi Events – Mimosa Festiva

The “Mimosa Festival” is without a doubt the most important tourism-related event on the territory of the former and this country. It’s been going on since 1969. Typically, the festival lasts the entire month of February.

“Mimosa Festival” is an event organized in honor of the mimosa flower, which thrives in this municipality at a time when the rest of Europe is covered with snow. It was established on the history of carnival celebrations, which were historically common in this area.

Majorettes, a group of young girls from Herceg Novi, and tin music add a particular touch to the festival. A wide range of tourist, entertainment, cultural, sports, and other programs are held there, so, we are confident that every visitor to Herceg Novi Riviera will discover content tailored to their own interests and affinities during the “Mimosa Festival”.

Herceg Novi Events – Herceg Novi Winter Salon

A very prestigious art event has lasted longer than the “Mimosa Festival”. As a rule, with its opening, the “Mimosa Festival” opens.

Herceg Novi Events – Herceg Novi Film Festival

Formerly known as the Yugoslavian Film Director’s Festival. In the city that saw its first movie theater in 1919, “LOVCEN FILM” was at its peak from 1951 to 1955. In the city that gave us legendary filmmakers and cinema pioneers like Anton Lukateli, Steva Lepetic, Aleksandra Sekulovic, Sima Colovic, and the current and famous cameraman in Hollywood Bojan Bazeli.

Since 1987, the Festival of Domestic Cinematography has been organized in that city, and its founder is Milan Zmukic, a well-known film artist from Herceg Novi. The festival takes place in the first half of August on the one-of-a-kind summer stage “Kanli kula.”

Herceg Novi Events – Herceg Novi April Theatre Festival

According to the initial concept, amateur theaters from all over the country participated in this event, but in recent years, professional theaters have prevailed, both from the country and from the surrounding area.

Herceg Novi’s April theater festivities are, as an unwritten rule, held during the month of April.

Herceg Novi Events – Suncane skale and Male Skale

“Suncane skale” is an entertainment and music festival that brings together domestic and international singers over three festival evenings (“Prince’s Awards,” “Evening of New Stars,” and “Song of Summer”).

It takes place in July and, as previously said, lasts three days. Since 2004, Bijela has hosted the “Male skale” Festival of children’s popular music. The festival is organized by the NGO “ADUT.”

Herceg Novi Events – Music Days Festival

The classical music festival used to attract largely young musicians, but now it attracts well-known classical music authors and performers from all over the world, making “Music Days” an important international event. It takes place in July, but “Music Days” has a second part in the period of November – January, which is why it is referred to as “Winter Music Days.”

Herceg Novi Events – Book Square

The International Book Fair, which began in the park in front of the “Dr. Simo Milosevic” Institute under that name.

For a short period, it was known as “Open Book”, but in recent years, it has returned to its original name of “Book Square”. During the month of July, an international fair is hosted in Belavista’s Old Town.

Herceg Novi Events – Guitar Art summer fest

Every year, the “Guitar Art summer fest” gathers together classical and other guitarists, ranging from elementary and high school pupils to university students, teachers, and prominent guests, including the world’s greatest guitarists. The fundamental purpose of this initiative is for students to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences.

However, as a vital upgrade to the educational foundation, the festival’s goals certainly include becoming acquainted with domestic and international trends in contemporary guitar pedagogy and concert practice. For the first time in our country, the offer and concept of a working holiday are being achieved, over the course of seven working days and through a variety of free activities. “Guitar Art Summer Fest” takes place in mid-august.

Herceg Novi Events – International Competition of Solo Singers “Bruna Spiler”

One of the youngest manifestations in Herceg Novi is this competition. It was established in 2008, in memory of fellow citizen Bruna Spiler, born Zimic, who was a professor of solo singing. It is held during the “Mimosa Festival”, in February.

Herceg Novi Events – Montenegro Opera Festival “Operosa”

Operosa” is an opera and classical music festival that aims to promote young and talented opera singers. This is the first opera festival in Montenegro. During the summer, young and renowned singers from the Balkans, as well as foreign music associates, perform some of the world’s most famous operas. The event is organized by “Operosa,” an international forum for interacting, exchanging knowledge, and information in the field of performing arts. The objective of “Operosa” is to present opera as a contemporary and enjoyable art form, as well as to provide opportunities for new artists to develop through collaboration with prominent composers.