Herceg Novi Beaches

Herceg Novi Beaches – Details

The beginnings of tourism in Herceg Novi can be traced back to the 19th century. The Inn Sjora Roze and the tavern “Bella Vista” are referenced even at that period. Antal Magyar, a Hungarian aristocrat from Budapest, is credited with pioneering modern hotel administration on the Montenegrin coast when he built the “Boarding house on the Green Beach” in Zelenica in 1902, afterward the Hotel “Plazha” (Beach). Just like in other coastal towns, Herceg Novi has a mild Mediterranean climate; with dry and warm summers and mild winters. In the summer months (July, August) the city has about 10.7 hours of sunshine a day. The sea temperature near Herceg Novi during the summer is 22 to 26 degrees, and with approximately the same air temperature, it enables a bathing season that lasts up to 5 months. The Herceg Novi Riviera now stretches for 25 km and includes seven settlements or tourist spots, each with its unique characteristics. Here are a few examples: Meljine, Bijela, Djenovici, Kumbor, and Zelenika are just a few of the names that come to mind. There are also some beautiful beaches. On the Lustica peninsula, 62 of them (registered) span from Njivice to Cape Macak. In addition to natural beaches, Herceg Novi has seen a wave of new beaches in recent years, many of which are located right near hotels, apartments, or the resort.

Herceg Novi Beaches – Njivice

Located in the village of the same name, there is a public beach Njivice. It is 4 kilometers away from Herceg Novi and combines rocky, sandy, and concrete surfaces.The people of Herceg Novi also call it the Queen’s Beach. To the west, in the town of Sutorina, which is only a few kilometers from Herceg Novi has the largest public beach on the Herceg Novi Riviera, with an area of ​​9000 m2 – Blatna (mud) beach. It is rich in very healing sand and mud, as its name suggests.

Herceg Novi Beaches – Rehabilitation Center Igalo

The Igalo Rehabilitation Center’s beach is also open to the public, however, it is concrete. Another concrete beach belonging to the hotel “Igalo” is located nearby. However, the most attractive public sandy beach is “Raffaelo,” which is located below the same-named tourism complex. The beach “Raffaelo” is ranked best among the beaches in Herceg Novi and the surrounding area, according to several tourist polls.

Herceg Novi Beaches – Milasinovic beach, Montenegrina, Bijela vila, Zalo and Corovica beach

During the entire season, “Milasinovic beach” is open to all tourists as well as residents of Herceg Novi, much like the other public beaches described above. It can be found in Topla. Along with it, there are other very attractive beaches such as “Montenegrina” or the beaches near the tunnel. “Bijela vila” beach, today a public beach, and once the main Herceg Novi city beach, is located in the city port. In its vicinity is the beach “Zalo”, with medium-fine sand and gravel, and the sandy public “Corovica beach”.

Herceg Novi Beaches – Perla and Azzuro

The beach of the hotel “Perla,” which is located near the city center and was made with a blend of concrete and sand, was created for tourists with a more refined taste. The beach “Azzuro,” which is both a hotel and a public beach in Bijela, 13 kilometers from Herceg Novi, is quite lovely and similar in terms of ground structure.

Herceg Novi Beaches – Zanjice and Mirista

Tourists have become more interested in the beaches “Zanjice” and “Mirista” within the same-named picnic spots in recent years. Zanjice is the most popular picnic location on the Herceg Novi Riviera. The beach located there, made of gravel, concrete, and sand, is open to the public. The beach in Mirisite Bay, which is made up of concrete and sand, is equally beautiful.

Herceg Novi Beaches – Fenix Montenegro and Dobrec

The beach “Fenix ​​Montenegro” in Meljine, a place 3 kilometers away from Herceg Novi, is interesting by its name. It is a modern bathing area, and the beach itself is a combined concrete – sand. Guests of Herceg Novi and most tourists enjoy visiting the sandy beach “Dobrec” on the Lustica peninsula. This beach has a total area of 600 m2 and is designated as a Blue Flag beach.

Herceg Novi Beaches – Beach Equipement

All of these beaches provide beach furniture, including deck chairs, umbrellas, showers, water, and electricity. Beaches with additional amenities such as cafes, bars, restaurants, and private parking are plentiful, and summer sports are not missed, with beach volleyball and water polo goals available.